In 1991, I had an opportunity to choose another new company car within a certain price range. My counterparts on the senior staff of our dairy cooperative, even the CEO, would invariably choose a Chevy or Ford. At the time, that was expected in small-town America.

I had engine problems with my previous company car, a Ford, and, even before that, the driver's seat of my Chevy company car began showing wear at 50,000 miles.

So, at the minor shock of my fellow vice presidents 30 years ago, I decided to pull a switcheroo and chose a Toyota Camry – at that time not so much an “American” car.

That 1991 Camry was one of the most enjoyable cars I’ve had over the last 60 years. At the end of that company car’s three-year lease, Pam and I bought it for our personal use, drove it for six more years and then gave it (still in good shape) to our niece.

I still admire how Japanese management style and manufacturing technique revamped the automobile industry in this country and the world during my lifetime. I was there when global marketing started changing America between the coasts.

* When did you make an off-the-wall decision earlier in life that, with hindsight, you now find reasonable and fun to recall?

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My 90 yr old Dad, is a resident at a Memory Care. The weekly visit brings ME memories. He’s a responsible Dad. Up until his 70’s, his job involved finances, as a banker - and he was well known and good at this work. It’s important to involve people with financial questions and important to have limits so that both the members and the business can improve.

I notice some of my Dad these days. Various staff come to his room to help him take his medicine, get dressed, make his bed and take him to lunch. He’ll tell me about the “good” staff and he’ll tell me about his frustrations when they don’t show up (as HIS wishes). When he still had his wallet, I’ve heard he paid some of his $ to his favorite staff, and when I’d see him, he’d tell me some staff took some of his money. Which are true, I’d wonder? Now I’m reminded: “Be appreciative and generous, but be careful.”

Our family decision is for Dad to move to a different Memory Care. This change will soon happen as Dad, his “stuff” and a Uhaul will be moved to a 4 hr trip to a new Care center. The routine is changing and we hope we are making a good decision for our thankful Dad. We’re taking a risk, and we’ll see how it goes. Hang in there Dad!

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Thanks, Karen, for your anecdote. I've met your dad briefly. What a gentleman!

My thoughts about Memory Care have changed over the last few years. No longer dreadful. I've seen amazing interaction between children in our day care children and Memory Care residents.

A current quip among our senior living residents: "We're probably all in Memory Care. We just don't know it."

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