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Jun 20, 2022·edited Jun 15Author

Career-wise, I invested 29 years of my life trying to gain buy-in from employees and members for the cooperative way of doing business. Then, I devoted another 12 years trying to help people with disabilities gain meaningful employment.

I’m guessing that I was effective about 20 percent of the time during those 41 years. I’m comfortable with those odds. And I think I chose the right time to let go of each of those ventures.

At 79, I’m now convinced my experience in addressing those first two challenges as a corporate communicator and social advocate with a life-long disability has prepared me for my new purpose in life. I’m now devoted to helping elders gain understanding and acceptance of what it means to live, perhaps for the first time, with the feeling of being truly vulnerable.

How have you reallocated your time as an elder toward projects that are now most important to you?

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