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It was the 1950s. For grade school, I attended an orthopedic (yes, segregated) grade school for kids with all types of disabilities so I could receive physical therapy for my cerebral palsy on a daily basis.

That meant staying with a week-day family in our capital city 60 miles from our home farm and taking the Greyhound bus to get home on weekends.

I ended up staying with four different week-day house parents over seven years. That gave me experience in adjusting to a range of family life styles very few kids back home had at that time.

Some 20 years later, I found myself traveling with one of my house parents on two separate People-to-People tours – one through Europe and the Soviet Union and the other through the length of Africa. That gave me another opportunity to broaden my view of life.

Let’s disregard the implications “happenstance” may have for us in terms of luck or divine guidance and concentrate just on what currently sparks good memories for us.

*When has “happenstance” changed your life in a positive way?

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